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Debauch Absorption - Sil Khannaz - Purnama 13

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Herding The Brainwashed. Wage Slaves. Day Of Justice. Better Living Through Catastrophe. Prisoner Of War. However, the concentration is not so much on aggression here as the guys vary things around, mixing both currents on "Downfall of a Nation" before "Eternal Lies" serves a portion of more technical riffage as an epitaph. The singer is a hoarse semi-deathy shouter who delivers with his intense, even passionate in a curious aggressive manner, timbre.

There's a lot of headbanging thrash to be encountered some of which comes with twisting technical sections "One Day Closer" , some with jumpy steam-roller riffs "Final Vision" , some with an open old school attitude "Waiting To Die".

The speedy delivery predominates, but this is hardly a complaint since this is when the band sound the most convincing except on the several blast-beating moments. The band members also have another project: 8 Foot Sativa where the style is prety similar, maybe a tad less intense. The riffs are jumpy with a dry mechanical echo reminiscent of mid-period Prong and the Canadians Obliveon. The inevitable groovy "traps" are also around and the guys don't bother circling them, but jump straight into them creating the unnecessary repetitive patterns the latter aggravated by the dry dispassionate semi-clean vocals.

Music-wise this is more brooding, less speedy stuff although the brisk "Always Pain" will have no problems stirring wild moshing parties all around. The vocals are also worth mentioning: on one side we have semi-death metal ones, on the other one come the more traditional ones which sound like a more hoarse and angrier Kai Hansen.

The music is mostly heavy and mid-paced, but "System Failure" speeds up respectably showing that, when necessary, these guys can thrash along with the best out there. Hopefully this is just the casual offbeat song, but not a hint at some future direction taken? Sindrome are the most modern sounding of the lot with riffage not too far from the later works of the Argentinian thrash metal legends from the not so distant past Lethal.

The band's music is mostly heavy and mid-paced with occasional skles of modern groovy post-thrash which are quickly buried in the predominant classic riffs. When the guys decide to speed up, they thrash with force "Fuera De Lin", the aggressive Bay-Area-esque "Desata Tu Lo" no worse than any other big name out there.

The alternation between the two sides goes on with "Cathedral Of Ice", another more laid-back and more technical proposition with darker late's Slayer-esque overtones.

All the way to the closing "Aortic Expulsion", a raging proto-deathy cut with a few intriguing twisted developments and hysterical screamy leads. This fast energetic music with a good sense of melody ruined by the very deep death metal growls, and the several shifts into metalcore. The longer compositions are too varied, the leads stealing the show completely there, as well as the more aggressive deathy sections "Hands of the Wicked".

Still, the musical prowess on the min instrumental "saga" "Auctioneer of Souls" should be noted, the major damage done by the very good leads again, on top of contrasting tempos and more atmospheric dramatism. The second half as a whole is more diverse with the more energetic melo-thrasher "Route ", and the laid-back alternative closer "Bone Machine".

The shouty vocals are an expected addition as well as the casual metalcore leanings. The band overdo it on the over 8-min semi-balladic saga "Into the Afterglow", accumulating too many anti-aggressive elements to make it a recommended listen, the similarly-styled but shorter and more compact "Paralyzed" at the end by all means the better listen. This new incarnation towards the lighter side of the spectre with a blend of black and thrash which still delivers with its weird riffage "Liberato" and its stripped-down headbanging qualities "Inside My Head", "EU-topia".

Another pleasant surprise would be the great closing instrumental "Transylvania", an ambient orchestral symphony which enchants with its atmosphere regardless of its total lack of any metal hints. Frantic fast-paced rhythms interlace with slower labyrinthine ones making each of the three tracks interesting eventful listens. The singer is a dead ringer for Kelly Shaeffer Atheist again , maybe a bit more strained and throaty. The band later carried on under the name Chiro Therium where the style mutated into a modern form of groovy post-thrash.

But then comes the vortex-like instrumental piece "Home Sickness", and things get back on track delivering with complex arrangements and very cool technical leads. The unimpressive vocal performance continues on the creepy dry shredder "Distancing", which works music-wise with stylish minimalistic riffs in a doomy, slow-ish pace, creating a lot of macabre atmosphere.

Then arrives another all-instrumental composition, "The Letter", which is abstract modern thrash with industrial undercurrents and very good leads. If we exclude the not very convincing vocal delivery, the rest is top-notch technical metal which only benefits from the bigger space taken by the music. There is the obligatory "duel" between the angry vocals ala Phil Anselmo and semi-clean ones, which are not bad, by the way, and somehow remind me of a more aggressive version of Peter Steele Carnivore, Type-O-Negative.

Near the end the band liven up for the release of "Here Today, Buried Tomorrow" which is a cool speedster, and the closer "Sindom" adding diversity to this cool, but hardly exceptional effort which will also recall the Gothenburg school on the more intense sections. The guys thrash with heavy, mostly mid-tempo in the first half, guitars bringing Xentrix and early Testament to mind, and even the muddy sound production can't conceal the compulsive headbanging moments on the excellent Bay-Area worship "No Other Man".

The music isn't always fast with frequently changing tempos and nice technical touches. The sound might remind you of the Canadians Quo Vadis, especially the more technical guitar work. More complex the 8-min opus "Death's All Around You" tunes also roam around although the fast-paced rhythms never disappear on those as the melee is literally never-ending the levelled spiteful semi-declamatory vocals leading the show without actually singing much.

A more diverse epic flavour can be detected on "Too Drunk", one that can be traced to "Day After Day" as well, the only number which betrays the hyper-active approach, introducing mellower power metal riffage into the vigorous structure.

The singer growls in a harsh semi-shouty manner recalling a more deathy version of Kirk Windstein Crowbar. Expect fast music, short tracks and raw semi-shouty vocals, plus a few nods to doom near the end reflected in seate ts from certain songs.

The EP is three tracks of more serious thrash with more brutal, now clearly death metal, vocals. A pullback might be the loss of speed, the sound now sticking to repetitive mid-paced riffs which are certainly missing on the 1. The riffs are squashingly heavy, but keep the dynamics with short crossover-ish exploders like "The Answer" and more classic-prone headbangers like "I Get It Now". The vocals are shouty and angry by also carrying a good sense of melody on the more lyrical moments. Both styles are mixed in equal dozes so just when you think that the music has become too complex, here comes a cool straight riff which will make you jump around; but you have to know that very soon you'll have to stop because the next technical stroke is very nearby.

As a matter of fact, the technical play is more concentrated on, but is never of a very elaborate nature; there are speedy parts, there are mid-paced as well as slower ones, all nicely blended together. With their music firmly rooted in 80's thrash with the coming of the new trends in metal, it's understandable why these very talented musicians never made it to the first division although they richly deserved that.

The guys mosh with force on quite a few moments, and "Entre La Luz Y La Oscuridad I" would easily fascinate fans of Watchtower and Toxik with its labyrinthine structure and not very predicle time-changes. Thwe title-track leads the pack towards more abstract waters with its dissonant riffage and expressive bass support, and things go futher down the rabbit hole, first with the hectic pounder "Bajo Prueba", then with the wild cacophonic thrasher "Dependencia Externa" which is "saved" by a portion of very good melodic leads; the rest reaches a death metal intensity with echoes of Sadus and Death.

The closer "Espera Dolorosa" is a bit on the more immediate side finally! This is a really admirable achievement, and one would be quite curious to check out whether this compelling ultra-stylish, complex approach has been sustained on the sophomore release The demo is by all means an auspicious beginning although it suffers a bit from the muddy production.

It starts shortly, but ambitiously with the half-min Bach-influenced intro before the band explode with the echanting galloping chaos unleashed on "Sentir sin Sufrir", the horrifying unrehearsed death metal vocals adding more to the instilling horror.

Things acquire more disciplined and more coherent parametres on "Tercer Rio" and the aggressive title-track, before the situation becomes familiar once again with "Alla Turca", an excerpt from Mozart's legendary operetta, a display of virtuoso musicianship which gets preserved to an extent on the semi-polished progressive wonder "Dependencia Extrema" and the dense stylish shredder "Falsos Testimonios" on which the lead guitar player completely steals the show.

Death metal reigns supreme of the brutal "Necrofobia", but expect a few lyrical inclusions from the lead guitar again, the guys showing proficiency in spades although the full-length is still a major improvement over this. In the second half the sound takes a radical turn towards Meshuggah-esque dirges with the robotic title-track and the mechanized headbanger "Transmutation".

This is a fine release which is well conformed with the tastes of the time when math and djent rule the scene, by still staying on metal ground not without the help of the expressive shouty death metal vocals. The title-track is a varied roller-coaster with quite a few influences embedded among which the mathcore allusions are a really tasteful gimmick; and "Becoming Aware" is a vociferous, industrialized nod to the Pantera legacy.

SPAIN A diverse intense offering serving thrash, hardcore and death metal on an abrasive modern base. Heavy steam-rollers "Dret I Deure" shake hands with surprising, but very welcome melodic escapades "Segcent" this symbiosis rudely broken by the fast-paced ragers "Races Perilloses".

The vocals are rough brutal death metal ones and kind of don't suit the varied character of the music. Mes Llenya! Still, the monotony is hard to get by, especially on heavy doomy exercises like "Sickman". The band shifted their style towards the gothic sector on subsequent releases preserving some of the dryness of the guitars, plus adding nice female vocals to support the not very starking main shouty hardcore ones.

You can even hear the Australian National Anthem performed with a thrash metal intensity as an introduction to the EP; might serve as the opening of some major event there There is hardcore, punk, and harsh semi-death metal vocals, but the speed is not so much accentuated on the overall approach leaning towards the heavy mid-paced side also reminding of the Germans Warpath on the more intense moments.

The music is mid to up-tempo, with slightly rough semi-clean vocals. The songs are longer, but those ones are the lesser achievements where the guys let themselves loose more than necessary, often ruining the preceding thrashy passage with bland, insipid hard'n heavy rhythms. However, the shorter, more direct numbers could make a few thrash heads turn, although the end is quite dull, preserved for two long boring ballads. The mid-paced "idyll" reaches the inevile ballad near the end: "Six Michelada" which is a tender romantic piece with a good vocal performance which takes a more melodic turn here without losing its traditional hoarse blend.

The final "El Fantasma" is also a ballad, but is way better with its more dynamic guitars and very good leads. The music is mid-tempo for most of the time, but sudden very fast proto-death outbreaks are quite frequent as well, albeit short. There are nice balladic moments, too, where the otherwise good emotional semi-clean singer takes a mellower direction.

A wide gamut of moods and emotions has been covered well supported by catchy choruses, melodic hooks, keyboard implements and a few blast-beat passages. The delivery is melodic and modern with touches of power metal, mid-paced with sce blasting outbursts.

The not very pleasant side are the rough drunken vocals which could have been more acceple if they weren't hissing hysterically for most of the time. The guys infuse the effort with merrier crossover rhythms "We Intend To Hang You" , and generally the diversity in the musical department is quite big the guys never settling for one riff-pattern for very long.

Music-wise, however, this act are way more brutal often crossing the boundaries towards death metal but of course "Alcoholic Attack"! The vocallist is a harsh semi-shouty death metaller whose rendings at times border on the hysterical.

A bit of groove sneaks in here and there, but this album should be a sure pick for fans of the more vivid side of the modern trends. Still the guys have an idea of what cool headbanging thrash is, as is evident from songs like "Another Horizon" and "Weak In Darkening". The pure aggressive death metal attacks are not too bad, either: "Massgrave Memorial", and could have been more.

This guy comes up with an energetic mixture of thrash and hardcore, and gives an additional aggressive edge to the music with his gruff, but effective, semi-death metal vocals. He does a ticularly good job on the leads which are short, but proficient, with a cool melodic blend at times. The music actually stays closer to thrash, and is mostly up-tempo, with the exception of the groovy doomy "King of the World", and the stomping heavy instrumental at the end "Sick Society".

The other songs are quite good intense thrashy pieces with hard headbanging riffs. Here the music is harder and better being a mix of power, speed and thrash "Anti-Photon" is a major heavy galloping thrasher; and "Boot Hill" is great heavy riffy thrash in mid-tempo metal with excellent dual guitar melodies as well as leads and a pinch of folk on the slower material which is not very frequent. The singer is a nice addition with his melodic, but also forceful tember, covering all ranges with dexterity, even gruffing at times wherever needed.

More galloping riffs follow on the energetic speedsters "Fire from the Sky" and "Hallows Eve" which close the album in a fine brisk fashion making a really satisfying cross over the major metal genres from the 80's. Short concrete jolts like "Contamination" and "Fear" attack you from all sides, the intimidating quarellsome hardcore vocals adding more to the splitting pressure the latter partially relieved by the more carefully-assembled full-fledged thrasher "Eternal Life", the highlight here.

As a result we have an alternation between fast and slower numbers with more carefree crossover tracks "Way to It All", well sustained in the spirit of the Sepultura cover of New Model Army's "The Hunt" thrown in. The guitars are a bit noisy, but this is hardly a hindrance for major crushers, like "Insufficient", to sound aggressive and moshy. Still, the buzz favours the heavier songs more the latter also boosted by the angry semi-shouty singer. The band is skilful in delivering heavy, mostly mid-tempo, tracks with crushing riffs, screaming leads and a good sense of melody check out "Worm In A Brain".

The final "Eternity" is an edgy thrasher with lashing guitars in a galloping pace finishig this stylish effort with aplomb. Although Tim Owens tries to keep this ticular breed of metal alive with his projects Beyond Fear and Charred Walls of the Damned, these guys seem to pull it out in a better, more inspired, way, and it would be interesting to check whether this style has been eslished from the beginning.

This is a mixed bag although "Cat Call" pulls out some fairly effective technical riffs which are nowhere to be encountered later the rest of the material being a bit repetitive and too heavy. The vocals are semi-clean, a bit shouty at times, but not bad also having a somewhat mean tone.

The music is closer to death metal, and is graced by stylish technical "decorations" ruined by the hollowly-sounding drums. The progressive pretensions are not very well grounded despite the beauty of the several balladic moments "Kazn" Prison which smell Opeth quite a bit.

Th eapproach is not very eventful, and the tedious one-dimensional grooves will wear out before long with bluesy ballads and other demosntrations of tenderness not not doing much to impress the listener who will at least be mildly entertained by the versatile vocalist who covers a wide gamut of notes from angry shouts to romantic clean tirades.

Some of the band members also take part in the very similarly-styled Cryptkicker. The thrash attack carries on until another black metal madness "Funeral Mutilate" in the middle. More speedy thrash comes after that with a shade of Impaled Nazarene on "Total Maniac" and a couple of other tracks before "Temple of Blood" closes the album in a heavy doomy manner. The guys insert film sample dialogues in the beginning of almost every track, sometimes getting carried away with this touch, forgetting to stop it before it starts to annoy.

The approahc has become more technical with clever death metal licks "tearing the silence" now more often, and thrash now taking a bigger space making headbangers like "Black Hydra" and the semi-technical riff-fest "Barbaric Realm" the highlight on the album. The end is actually occupied by purely thrashy pieces which sound quite classic and will lift the mood up.

Rare displays of style the long engaging "The Dogs of War" are not excluded, neither are more energetic, jumpy riffs "Blue on Blue". The second half is actually more interesting, featuring the cool diverse "Of False Hope", which boasts great melodic leads and several breathtaking balladic interludes. The closing "Night Turns to Day" is a surprising deathster of the semi-blasting type, and delivers to produce the final headbanging portion, this time spiced with a few more technical decisions.

The singer is a not very impressive semi-shouter, but suits the not very demanding musical approach. There is even one attempt at semi-technical performance "Sybil" which could have reached somewhere if it were longer. The tracks are short, within the min range, and the music packs a punch all the time with good aggressive riffage. Ev' O. Lu' Shun" offers a more serious attitude with slower longer compositions and added modern 90's elements "Dreamscape", which also serves straight headbanging thrashy riffs at some point.

The sound is considerably softer and tracks like the slower groovy "Hypochrist", or crossover delights like the closing "Dr. Love", are not a rarity taking turns with old school headbangers "Absence Of Intimidation".

As a whole this album is inferior to the strong debut showing the guys more mature and more diverse, but not better. Watch out for the near-progressive experience that is "Obsidian Temple" and the closing twisted shredder "Symbiotic Hypocrisy", a very pleasant surprise, a lofty miasmic construction that would make Morbid Angel very proud.

The vocals are quite good attached clean croons the man covering several gamuts including a couple of more pathos-induced high-pitched tirades. The vocals are melodic, resembling Michael Coons from Laaz Rockit the ones he used on the first two albums.

The tempo is mostly mid-paced, but the riffs crush admirably, with nods to both the modern and the classic school with several quite intense shredding sections on the first two tracks which are also the fastest. Some of the songs are quite complex with different time and tempo changes alternating, but not in an annnoying way, and the dark-sounding guitars create quite a dramatic environment. The delivery is kind of more restrained with more laid-back guitar work still missing the visceral effect of the succeeding effort.

The singer is still on the amateurish, gruff semi-clean side sounding close to early Carl McCoy Fields of the Nephilim , including the music at times which is dark and mid-paced touching doom metal quite often. There'll be a lot of necks sprained once of this roller-coaster is over which also benefits from the good shouty attached, semi-clean vocals and the crystal clear sound quality. Watch out for the short explosive deathster "Skinning Angels" which would be a rude awakening even for the hard-boiled headbangers.

After this truly scary moment the effort picks up quite a bit of energy, and the 2nd half is way thrashier than sludgier. The band die-hard fans would hardly feel betrayed here; on the contrary, they'll feel appropriately intoxicated by the several dynamic "injections" which show another dimension to be explored further by the band. The black metal vocals are one side of the show; on the other one we have low death growls. The solos on the band's debut are from the classic heavy metal school.

So, as a whole, we have a fusion of styles which would make this band appealing to fans from several sides of the metal circuit. The sound is definitely classic if we exclude sce touches from the Gothenburg school. The fast pace for most of the time makes the atmospheric mid-paced sleeper near the end "Strangled by Unseen Hands" the highlight of the album, with the closing raging more modern-sounding thrasher " And Into The Flame" a close second.

Black metal spings up timidly on the more extreme cut "Shredding Sacred Flesh" suiting the expressively raven-like black metal vocals, and the closing "My Skin Of Deceit" also keeps the intensity high relying on purer death metal riffage as a finishing touch. The band have found their own niche and stick to it without too many deviations, but one more album of the same may just remain unnoticed.

This is so pedestrian by modern standards that only diehard fans of the style may really enjoy it thoroughly till the end where one will find frolic melodic speedsters "Unending, Everliving" , short ripping thrashers "Blade On The Flesh, Blood On My Hands" , nods to the melo-death movement "This Evil Embrace" , and the closing "More Cruel Than Weak" which is the highlight with its more eventful, less predictable, delivery and sharper guitars.

The "The Apothic Gloom" could be considered a slight deviation from the norm with its optimistic, uplifting opening title-track which is closer to melo-death. The tone remains more on the death metal side blast-beats ruining the otherwise cool thrasher "Well of Despair". The lead guitar work is quite good check the closer again and the vocals are fitting, maybe a tad more brutal for the style grunting with passion on quite a few times.

The last track is a surprisingly nice touch being a take on some popular evergreens "Green Sleeves" and the likes. There is still some energy at play: "Taste of Blood" is a diverse cut with several speedy sections, and "Remnants Of Humanity" is a dynamic lasher echoing more recent adox "Electrify" being the closest reference. The other two compositions are a bit heavy-handed, mid-paced and a bit monotonous. The singer is not bad, though, his mid-ranged clean antics fitting the music again reminding of the adox frontman Charly Steinhauer.

The band were previously known as Silenced under which name they released a solitary album in of a pretty similar style, maybe a tad more aggressive. The guitars have a sterile, computerized feel to them, and the vocals are strongly synthesized and not very clearly heard.

This offering could have had more soul, though: it's obvious that the musicians have used the computer a lot during the recordings The self-titled album is another retro thrash affair "graced" by a dirtier sound which surprisingly favours the energetic delivery which cites Slayer and Atomica as influences: check out the intense roller-coasters "Desensitized to Death" and the 7-min of intense moshing thrash "Funeral For a Dream".

The not very rehearsed shouty vocals are an impediment, though, since they occupy quite a bit of space, and the thin leads, albeit mellidc and occasionally stylish, are another minor annoyance deafening all the rest creating the impression that all the othe instruments have been silenced for the lead guitarist to show his skills unobstructed.

Later it beocmes evident that this time there is just one guy behind the recordings, the name Evan Kotner, seeing the band's line-up going towards complete disappearance. Album ni mengandungi 8 buah lagi dan 1 intro petikan gitar akustik yang sememangnya best. Setakat ini, album ni telah pun dicetak dalam pelbagai versi iaitu versi kaset dan cd oleh label asal VSP, versi kaset dan cd tahun oleh label Nebiula Production, versi piring hitam oleh label Gempita Record, versi digipak oleh label Nebiula Production dan juga versi cd oleh label NSR.

Teringat dulu masa mula-mula versi piring hitam dikeluarkan pada tahun , harga album tersebut dijual hanya rm Tapi masa tu tak terpikir nak beli.

SIL KHANNAZ (MALAYSIA) like "Debauch Absorption" and "Beyond My Darkest Moment" which may cause you a headache with their ultra-fast chaotic riffs. The guitar work is on a quite high level all over, especially on the two aforementioned technical numbers, and the closing "Conception of Madness" which is a fine mix of speedy and heavy.

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    ukays - Bila Purnama Mengambang aku pon dah tak ingat album mana lelagu ni namun selamat donload semua. Sil_khannaz_Debauch rockandroll.dalalsanuanaracordalanim.infoinfo3 DOWNLOADS NOW Sil_khannaz_Santapan Terakhir Raja rockandroll.dalalsanuanaracordalanim.infoinfo3 DOWNLOADS NOW Rednish at PG.
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  6. Dougar says:
    Dec 09,  · Full album from Sil khannaz with 5 new songs and 5 more cover songs with Rashdan vocals (Bloodshed/Punisher) special appearance for the songs 'The ripper' & ' Samarkand'. Purnama 13 9. Tera§ Bes¡ Debauched Absorption 6. Bey0nd My darkest moment 7. Cataton¡a 8. 0bscured Denial 9. Concept¡0n 0f Madness.
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    Free Sil Khannaz Debauch Absorption Original mp3 Play. Download. Free SilKhannaz RainingBlood Live mp3 Play. Download. Download. For your search query Sil Khannaz Purnama 13 Side 1 MP3 we have found songs matching your query but showing only top 10 results. Now we recommend you to Download first result SIL KHANNAZ Purnama.
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    Band's List Thrash Death Sil Khannaz Purnama Add the album's lyrics add a review/comment. Add an audio file. no rates. Band Name Sil Khannaz. Album Name Purnama Type Compilation. Debauch Absorption: 6. Sinner 7. Catatonia: 8. Rain Blood (live) 9. Conception Of Madness: Legion Of The Damned: The Kiss Of The Whisper.
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    Sil Khannaz discography (lives) Live - Stronger Than Before () - Official Bootleg DVD () > Sil Khannaz discography (all) Berdiri antara Panji-Panji () - .

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