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Die In Fire - Bathory - Satan My Master

21.06.2020 Yohn 6 Comments

The night is far too dark for angels So light up the night with flames Nothing really turns me on Like seeing you burn to dust But you are not alone to feel the heat My body burns with lust Die in fire Die in fire Die in fire Die in fire Now when your body burned to dust Is spread by the midnight breeze.

I gotta find another girl To satisfy my needs I'll tie her up and then once more The all caressing flames Shall rise again to light the night And she will scream of pain Die in fire Die in fire Die in fire Die in fire. Il commento al contributo deve essere costruttivo e sensato. Per segnalare errori bisogna utilizzare l'apposito link posto sotto la frase quando visualizzata singolarmente servizio offerto agli utenti loggati. Per info e critiche usate il form contatti, disponibile cliccando qui.

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Also released as a DigiPack. Prelude Intro Nordland Vinterblot Dragons Breath Ring of Gold Foreverdark Woods Broken Sword Great Hall Awaits a Fallen Brother Mother Earth Father Thunder Heimfard outro. Also released as a DigiPack Fanfare Intro Blooded Shore Sea Wolf Vinland The Land Death and Resurrection of a Northern Son The Messenger Flash of the Silverhammer The Wheel of Sun The tracking list also contain hard-to-find tracks and never before released material.

These particular tracks have frequently been used for various bootlegs and sold as demo's. The digitally re-mastered vinyl version released as a double LP. Order of tracks vary from CD version and double LP version. Odens' Ride over Nordland Song to hall up high Sadist Tracking list made up from material, chosen by the fans, from albums recorded and released in the years since the tenth anniversary War machine Originally a limited edition product, intended for promotional and internal use only.

However, due to public demand, wishing for it to be made commercially available to all, in early it would be released officially and since treated an official release, albeit a limited edition product. Scandinavian Metal Attack Vol. These two track in particular are frequently featured on various bootleg products and then sold as demo's.

The follow-up album in a series of two produced to promote young Scandinavian metal acts in the early 80's. With the exception for a Swedish all-girl band, the acts featured on Vol. II are represented by tracks from albums rather than recordings made exclusively for this compilation, as was the case with a couple of acts on Vol.

The tracks are all picked from official albums. Produced primarily with radio stations around the world in mind.

In the early 90's, as the number of acts and styles on the Black Mark label would expand, it was realized that a midprice compilation releases was a good method to spread the sound and style of both seasoned as well as young and promising acts signed to the label.

Black Mark Tribute Vol. Prolific towards the end of the 90's was the tribute trend. Black Mark was asked by several of their acts if it would be possible to produce a tribute album similar to the tribute albums then released by the dozen elsewhere. Featuring a selection of Black Mark acts, slightly different from Vol. I, each producing a favorite cover. Speed Kills Vol. This is one of them. This is the second appearance. Since then we have been wholeheartedly assisted by a string of fans around the world, both emailing us information on this release and providing us with jpeg's on the album cover.

Speed Kills But Who's Buying? But as things turned out, it had somehow slipped Nublear Blast that this particular track an old recording by another act had already been secured for the tracklist. And this on the condition that it would be the final track on the album. And judging from how the track ends, we think it is pretty safe to say that no other track could have wrapped this tribute up better than BATHORY's very explosive version of "Black Diamond".

Hammerfall - Detroit rock city Skid row - C'mon and love me Helloween - I stole your love Pretty maids - Hard luck woman Anthrax - Parasite Galactic cowboys - I want you Six feet under - War machine Hypocrisy - Strange ways Doro - Only you The melvins - Goin' blind Iced earth - Creatures of the night Overkill - Deuce Gummo Soundtrack Released in July Smit h.

Spun Soundtrack Released in Soundtrack for the movie SPUN. Corgan Revolve B. Corgan Freedom B. Corgan Always B. Call From The Grave Woodwoman Born For Burning Raise The Dead. Satan My Master. Call From The Grave. Dark Funeral. Born For Burning. Die in Fire. Dimmu Borgir. A Fine Day To Die. Lord Belial. Lux Ferre. In Conspiracy With Satan. Woman Of Dark Desires.

Total Destruction. Blood Fire Death. One Rode To Asa Bay. Home Of Once Brave. Enter The Eternal Fire. Die In Fire. You Don't Move Me. The Abyss. The Crown. Burnin' Leather. Bestial Lust. The Rite Of Darkness. Hesitate not to let us know and make your band noticed here! Valhalla Backing Vocals Harmony Sample recorded in War Machine. War Supply. White Bones. Witchcraft recorded in Baptised In Fire And Ice. Blood And Iron. Blood And Soil. Blood On Ice intro. Blooded Shore. Bond Of Blood.

Burnin Leather recorded in

A year previously, with the other two original member away on a trip to London, Quorthon had recorded - among other material - the two tracks "Die in Fire" and "You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give a Fuck)" emplyoing two of his buddies, bassplayer Rickard "Ribban" Bergman and drummer Johan "Jolle" Elvén from a pree-BATHORY Oi-punk band named STRIDSKUK.

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  1. Zulugul says:
    Bathory stopped performing live in , with Quorthon viewing organizing concerts as too much hassle. Although Bathory's fourth album, Blood Fire Death (), largely followed in the style of the albums before it, some songs had a very differentGenres: Black metal, thrash metal, viking metal.
  2. Fenrinris says:
    Bathory - Satan My Master Top Bathory Lyrics Broken Sword Intro Born For Burning Bond Of Blood Blood On Ice Flash Of Th Silverhammer Blood And Iron Bestial Lust Baptised In Fire And Ice A .
  3. Mijinn says:
    My body burns with lust Tubuhku terbakar dengan nafsu. Die in fire Die in fire Mati dalam api Mati dalam api Die in fire Die in fire Mati dalam api Mati dalam api. Now when your body burned to dust Sekarang saat tubuh Anda terbakar debu Is spread by the midnight breeze Disebarkan angin tengah malam I gotta find another girl Aku harus mencari.
  4. Kigakree says:
    Disc 1 1. Draconis Infernum 'Satan my Master'2. Hellsword - Die in Fire'3. Koldbrann 'Bestial Lust'4. Nine Covens – The Return of Darkness and Evil'5. Deception 'Rite of Darkness'6. Gnaw Their Tongues 'call from the grave7. Old corpse Road - Equimanthorn8. Ravens Creed – For all Those who died'9. Folkvang- Dies Irae'1.
  5. Grolar says:
    The fire burns and wins Die in fire Die in fire Die in fire Die in fire You can't take the heat much longer You can't stand the burning pain. The night is far too dark for angels So light up the night with flames Nothing really turns me on Like seeing you burn to dust But you are not alone to feel the heat My body burns with lust Die in fire.
  6. Febar says:
    Bathory lyrics with translations: The Lake, Mother Earth,Father Thunder, A Fine Day To Die, One Rode to Asa Bay, Foreverdark Woods, Bond Of Blood, Necromansy.

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