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Sweet And Lovely - Harry Hermann And His Orchestra* and The Svend Saaby Choir* - Tender Moments

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Note: Performed with his Washboard Wonders. Note: Performed with Davis Butler Orch. Note: Performed with Orch. Note: Performed with His Trio. Note: Performed with His Boys. Frosini, P. Note: Instrumental. Note: Damaged. Gates, Rev. Note: Sermon with singing. Gilliand, Henry C. Note: Violin Duo. Note: Lou Gold and His Orchestra. Note: Jean Goldkette. Handy, W. Note: W. Julius Dash on Saxophone. Mama ; Side B: Aggravatin' Papa.

Let It Snow! The Four Chips. Frank Sinatra. Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho 2. Note: Acc. By John Davis. Blues, Pt. King, B. Goodnight Dear. Note: Broken. Note: Instrumental Duet. Note: Mayflower Serenaders side a , Joe Candullo side b. Henry Lee. Sweet As Apple Cider. The Witch Is Dead. Blues ; Side B: Rhythm Cocktail. Babinga Pygmy Chorus 2. Babinga Dance ; Side B: 1.

Kouyou Medicine Song 2. Kouyou Women's Dance. Negro Folk Music of Alabama Vol. She Done Got Ugly 2. Now Your Man Done Gone. Kansas City Blues 2. Salty Dog Blues ; Side B: 1.

I'm Goin' Up North 2. Little Sally Walker 3. See See Rider. Prayer Meeting 2. Move Members Move. Tommy Linehan. Sit Down! So and So ; Side B: Prosschai. Short, Albert E. Smith, Joseph C. Note: "Wilber" Misspelled. You La! Note: Cracked. Note: Billy Eckstine Billed First. Note: John Kirby Billed First. Louis Blues P. Note: Originally Recorded as Paramount Washington, Sister Ernestine B.

Note: Side B Not Playable. Note: crack with tape. Note: Performed with his Wild Cats. Note: a-side Adam Wilcox; b-side Joe Williams. Note: Performed with his orchestra. Note: a-side with Clarence Johnson; b-side Thomas Wiley. Note: Performed with his Royal Flush Orchestra.

Meller and Edith Smith. Dark Gal. Note: Performed with Lemuel Fowler. Note: Performed with Count Basie and his Orchestra. Note: Performed with the Three Chocolates. Note: Performed with Her Dixie Band. Note: Performed with Herbie Fields orchestra.

Note: Performed with Band. Williamson, "Sonny Boy" Trumpet No. Down Child. Note: his Harmonica and House Rockers. Note: Victor Records cover attached. Note: chipped. Sanders, drums. Wills, Nat M. Note: Performed with the Original Jazz Hounds chipped. Note: Performed with "Doc" Straine. Note: piano by Porter Grainger. Note: Performed with Faber Smith. Note: real name Merline Johnson. Bowman; J. Jenkins Son's Music Co.

Kansas City. Cover Only. Cover:photo of Nick Lang and Geo. New York. Cover:drawing of a destructive war scene with inset drawing of a mother holding two children; photo inset of J. De Sylva and Bud Green. Roberts Chicago. Cover: drawing of a band performing in a park gazebo; a photo inset of " that R. Roberts publisher Chicago. Krey Co. Meyer, and Milton Ager. Chicago, New York. Vanderpool m ; A. Stasny Music, Inc. Schirmer, Inc. Schirmer London - New York.

Steinberg; T. Cover:drawing of an African American male listening to a fortune teller with outlayed cards; photo inset of John E. Glynn; Wm. Lefavour Salem. Paull; E. Paull Music New York. Cover:drawing of a Chariot race at the Hippodrome Circus maximus, ancient Roman arena one can see rows of spectators on both sides and in the middle others standing on the fence spina [slight differences in cover from Jones w and George W. Meyer m ; Jos.

Beverly Hills. Schaum; Belwin New York. Steinberg w and Max Dreyfus m ; T. Harms and Co. Meyer m ; Leo. Feist New York. Harris; Chas K. Harris New York -- Chicago. Cover:photo of a mortally wounded soldier with three of his comrades. Barnet w and J. Nicol m ; Arthur W. Tams New York. Cover: drawing of a Caucasian woman telling a story to an African American girl; the drawing is lined with jack-o-lanterns; description reads: "Supplement to the St.

Kelley and J. Paul Wyer. Paull New York. Ford w and J. Atkinson m ; Jerome H. Remick and Co. Cover:drawing of two women sitting in the jungle. Morris and Co. Mazurette; Hamilton S. Gordon New York. Bland; Oliver Ditson Company Boston. Haviland New York - Cover Only. Mittenthal w and Jos. Daly m ; Daly Music Publisher Boston. New York? Helier m ; Leo Feist New York. Helier m ; Leo Feist, Inc. Parry; no publication information given. Promotional Copy. Cover: drawing of three African American male faces; photo inset of Irving Jones; text reads: "The most successful song hit of Hunter; O.

Houck Piano Co. Memphis - Little Rock. Mason w and Richard A. Whiting m ; Jerome H. Detroit, New York. Lewis w and Geo. Meyer m ; Irving Berlin, Inc. Holt, Jr. Haviland Co. New York, Detroit. Jenkins Sons Kansas City. Lansing; McKinley Music Co. Cover: description reads "characteristic dance. Grade 3. Cook Publishing Co. Weatherly w and H. Wrightson; The B. Wood Music Co Boston. Noll; Oliver Ditson Co. Gardner w and H. Danks m ; Charles W.

Cohen m ; Ell and Ell Publishing Co. Los Angeles. New York - Detroit. Bennett Co. Haviland Pub. Haviland New York. Titus w and H. Petrie m ; Albright Music Co. Cover: drawing of a ship in rough waters, with a photo inset of Fred J. Browne w and Chas.

Janssen; M. Myddleton; Jos. Cover:Drawing of a cotton field; photo inset of Geo. McCarron and Chas. Harris; Chas. Naset; Jerome H. Petry; The S. Brainards Sons Co. New York -- Chicago. Polla; Vandersloot Music Publishing Co. Williamsport, PA. Ray Goetz w and Geo. Cover: photo of the "Bowman Bros.

Whitmark and Sons New York. Meyer m ; F. American and Journal. Wimmerstedt Brooklyn, NY. Ellis; [no publisher information]. Erie, PA. Havemeyer; McKinley Music Co. Saint Paul, Minnesota. Gradi; Ajax Music Co. Chicago, Illinois. Charles w and J. Schoff m ; John F. Ellis and Co Washington D. Cover: text reads "Dedicated to Miss Katie N. Baby, Must I Hesitate? Louisville, KY. Harris New York. Henri Klickmann; Frank K. Webb; no publication information given.

Mills New York. Cover: photo of "Mr. Flatow and Miss K. Dunn" dressed in blackface [Miss K. Finally, the music itself. I think not. As the programme note reminded us, he was already going down the path towards atonality before he finally completed the Gurrelieder , and he could not have gone back to such a lavishly expressive style with any degree of comfort. He did of course return to tonality on occasion after he had evolved his serial technique, but his remaining works in traditional forms are smaller in scope and range of expression.

The Gurrelieder is an unique work. It has absorbed Wagnerian and other influences and speaks with a completely individual voice. For more about the BBC Proms click here. Eva Maria Westbroek was not first rate. Listening online with quite decent speakers at my flat in Erskineville Sydney Australia I was shocked by her wayward intonation.

Lovely big voices, full of drama. I assume this review was written by someone actually there in the RAH. Maybe some things are lost covered up in the RAH acoustics.

Thanks for your opinion from listening online … and yes all our reviewers are at the venue when they write their reviews. Thanks for your generous reply, Jim.

Rat Riddles. Crawford Seeger: Three Songs - 2. Prayers of Steel. Crawford Seeger: Three Songs - 3. In Tall Grass. Crawford Seeger: String Quartet - 1. Rubato assai. Crawford Seeger: String Quartet - 2. Crawford Seeger: String Quartet - 3. Crawford Seeger: String Quartet - 4. Allegro possibile. Crawford Seeger: 2 Ricercare - 1. Sacco, Vanzetti. Crawford Seeger: 2 Ricercare - 2. Chinaman, Laundryman. Crawford Seeger: Andante for Strings.

Crawford Seeger: Rissolty Rossolty. Seeger: John Hardy Crawford Seeger: Suite - 1. Crawford Seeger: Suite - 2. Lento rubato. Albany, New York. Hirsch m ; Victoria Publishing Corp. Gardenier w and Maurice Levi m ; Rogers Bros.

W Doty w and Edwin S. Brill m ; Chas. Ward Music Publishing Co. Doty w and Edwin S. Cover: drawing of rural African Americans dancing to music made by a banjo player, an accordionist, and by wood blocks; photo inset of jack Connors Jr. Wolfe Gilbert w and Lewis F. Muir m ; F. Cover:photo of Al. Will Callahan w and Lee S. Roberts m ; Forster Music Publisher Chicago. Wolfe Gilbert w and Melville J. Gideon m ; Will Rossiter Chicago.

McKenna; Jerome H. Zamecnik; Sam Fox Cleveland. Marks Music New York. Cover:photo of a man Arthur Tracy? Cohan; George M. Cohan New York. Sherman; Shapiro, Bernstein, and Co. Cover:drawing of a woman in a red dress standing on a green Carpet — in background a man waves to her from his car; photo inset of Jan Garber. Polla m ; Shapiro, Bernstein, and co. Handy; Joe Morris Music Co.

Brown; Firth, Pond, and Co. Galveston, TX. Allen; O. Story Boston. Berliner; Leo. Cover:photo of a Caucasian male playing violin. Bowers m ; Sol Bloom Chicago. Braun m ; Frank K. Sudds; W. Roberts; Eclipse Publishing Co.

Philadelphia, PA. Smith w and Maurice Levi m ; Jerome H. Davis; Hamilton S. Cover:photo of Chase E. Foreman with J. Cover:drawing of a well-dressed woman. Oliver m ; Sol Bloom. Sterling w and Howard and Emerson m ; T. Harms and co. Haviland Publishing Co. Converse; Horace Waters New York. Foster; De Luxe Music Co. Cover:drawing of a cottage and a blooming garden. Danks; G. Cover:photo of Jimmy Dorsey.

Ellis; E. Paull Music Co. Munyon, L. Swisher Philadelphia. Sheard London. Cleveland — New York. Bland; Mills Music Inc. Bailey; Wm. Drumheller; Eclipse Publishing Co. Foster; Calumet Music Co. Foster; National Music Co. Drumheller; Joseph Morris Philadelphia. Lewis and Joe Young w and M.

Cover:Blue sky with a window in the middle. Zamecnik; Sam Fox Pub. Cohan; Leo Feist Inc. Nelson; Leo Feist Inc.

Black; Edward B. Marks Music Corporation New York. Cover: drawing of a paper doll; photo of the Mills Bros. Detroit — New York. Cover:a photo of Miss Laurette Taylor. Boston — New York. Frost w and F. Cover:photo of two males in blackface; drawing of an elderly African American woman talking to a young African American girl. Cover:photo of the Courtney Sisters; drawing of an elderly African American woman talking to a young African American girl.

Tracey w and Lewis F. Muir m ; J. Fred Helf Company New York. Tracy w and Lewis F. Fred Hele Company New York. Cover: drawing of a Caucasian male thinking about when he was a child, being held by his African American mammy. Plunkett m ; Joe Morris Music Co. Cover:drawing of a Caucasian male playing a violin; photo inset of the R. Dempster; O. Ditson and Co.

Whitmark and Sons New York — Chicago ;. Cover:a drawing of a wind Mill. Neidlinger; Theodore Presser Co. Hanley m ; Shapiro, Bernstein, and Co.

Pitman w and Geo. Chiswell m. Garton Brothers Boston. Harrington Gibbs m ; Leo. Harrington Harris m ; Leo Feist Inc. New York , [Back page missing]. Cover:a caricature of a man running. Cover:photo of Rudy Vall? Handy; Handy Bros. Music Co. Davis Music Publisher Detroit.

Huffer; Calumet Music Co. Thome; M. Norton w and James W. Casey m ; M. Hacker, arranged by J. Bodewalt Lampe; Jerome H. Penn; M. Witmark and Sons New York. Holzmann; Feist and Frankenthaler New York.

Johnson; Frederick G. M Cohan; F. Remick Detroit — New York. Cover:photo inset of W. Handy playing trumpet. Caesar w and George Gershwin m ; T. Harms and Francis, Day and Hunter. New York.. Pitman Clark; Leo Feist Inc. Little, and Peter L. Frost; Jack Mills Inc. Jones Piney Woods, MS. Cover:drawing of an African American couple in a rowboat — the male is playing banjo and singing to the female; photo inset of Laurence C. Davis; Feist and Frankenwhaler New York.

Hensmen w and Otto M. Hensmen m ; Weser Bros. Stokes w and F. Dudleigh Vernor; Richard E. Vernor Publishing Co. Albion, Michigan. Cover:a photo of a woman.

Henri Klickmann; Mills Music Inc. Shackford; Jerome H. Mills Inc. Warren w and S. Henry m ; Jos. Benton Overstreet; Will Rossiter Chicago. Lewis w and George W. Meyer m ; George W. Meyer Music Co. Cover:a photo of Bell Baker. Cover:a photo of Rudolph Valentino. Brennan, and Mack Henshaw; Edward B.

Lilly m ; Joe Morris Music Co. Cover: drawing of three African American males playing dice on a dockyard, while a banjo player sings nearby; photo inset of Reg. Benton Overstreet m ; Edward B. Benton Overstreet m ; Edw. Cover:a photo of a girl sitting on the floor near the fireplace and reading a letter. Meyer m ; Leo Fiest Inc. Cover:a drawing of a girl holding a feather in her hand; a photo inset of John E.

Wolfe Gilbert; L. Cover:a man standing at the reception desk a woman is the receptionist ; photo inset of Henriette Blanke-Belcher. Whiting m. Jerome H. Bendix; Theo Bendix Music Pub.

Hunter; Chas. Cover: photograph of three African American boys smiling; photo credit: Geo. Graff Jr. Ball m ; M. Guion; G. Schirmer New York. Johnson; Jerome H. Schirmer Inc. Cover:photo of African American couples performing a dance with traditional costumes; a photo inset of Leon W.

Woodbury; Oliver Ditson New York. Cover:a photo of Everett Marshall. Hanley m ; Shapiro, Bernstein and Co. Feist Inc. Chicago — St. Francis; Arthur M. McDonnell w and John F. Rourke m ; Henry Krey Music Co. Cover:caricature of an African American couple see New York [pages missing]. De Sylva w Dr. Robert Katscher m ; Harms Inc. Cover:a photo of Hugo L. McCarron and Nat. Osborne m ; American Music Co. Keirn Brennan w and Paul Cunningham m ; M.

Cover: drawing of the steam boat, Robert E. Brennan m ; O. Cohan; M. Cover:a photo of George M. Herrmann; Chas. Kinnel; Eclipse Publishing Co. Bowers m ; Jos. Cover: photograph of Fred. Wyman; McKinley Music Co. Cover:a photo of Al. Cover:drawing of a house the tranquil life in the country and city with all with all its agitation.

Piron; Frank K. Monaco m ; Irving Berlin Inc. Jerome and Louis A. Hirsch m ; Chas. The photographs in this series have been digitized and are available in the Blues Photographs digital collection.

Photographer: Thomas R. Headshot of Howard Armstrong wearing his headband and beads around his neck. Bell, Brenda Color. Snapshot of Brenda Bell sitting on a brown leather couch, arms crossed, ca. Photographer: D. Photo taken after 47 hours of walking. Note nurse in attendance. Photo reprint of a newspaper clipping for the Club Plantation, St.

Bernhardt, Clyde negative. Bernhardt, Clyde negative strip. Fred Robbins R doing some kind of funky move. Babs Gonzales L is laughing hard and Clyde middle is looking cool. Clyde standing, foot on a little black box, leaning on his trombone case covered in stickers of flags from around the world, holding his trombone with his right hand down by his side.

He looks happy. Publicity photo montage of Clyde in various positions and outfits with his trombone. Clyde B. Publicity photo of Clyde B. Photo montage of Clyde B. Clyde far L holding his trombone with fellow jazz musicians and Senator S. Albert A. Clyde playing trombone and playing around with Deborah Watson.

Snapshot of Clyde holding his trombone with arm around a bald man Fess Williams? Snapshot of Clyde head and shoulders in close foreground. Behind him are his brother, Leonard Bernhardt; his neice, Bea Harris; and his cousin unnamed. Snapshot of Clyde, holding his trombone, hand on the shoulder of Larry Lucie with unknown people in background.

Snapshot of Clyde sitting at a table in between Mr. Horton and Mrs. Snapshot of Clyde far right wearing a black trenchcoat and brown hat with black band the crown. Snapshot of Clyde playing t-bone right in front of bald bass player onstage at Jazz Virus?

Snapshot of Clyde middle standing with two people on each side. Snapshot of Clyde standing in front of a window, shade drawn. He has a drink in one hand and his coat draped over the other. Snapshot of Clyde standing in front of a window, looking to his left, holding a drink in his right hand and a jacket draped over his left. Photo of Clyde holding his trombone, standing next to Louis Nelson somewhere in England. Photo of downtown Albermarle, NC circa , where Clyde used to shine shoes as a small boy.

Photo is mounted on carboard and is courtesy of Fred T. Morgan, Stanly News and Press. Courtesy Henry W. Ethel Cummings and Ray Minker group wedding photo take at W. Bernhardt, Clyde Color. Three snapshots of Clyde glued to a piece of construction paper.

The top one is of Clyde wearing sunglasses, seated in a wooden chair by a white picket fence in a trimmed yard. Group photo of Clyde with his brothers and sisters and their husbands and wives, taken at a family reunion in Allentown, PA early May Albert Vollmer, Larchont, NY. Reprint of a publicity photo of and signed by Dorothy Donegan, to Clyde. Reprint of a concert photo of and signed by Gene Ramey, unfortunately, there are several musicians in the photo…all unidentified.

Courtesy of Fred T. Snapshot of home of Mr. Snapshot of the run-down house of Robert and Lucy Melchor. Lucy was a distant cousin to Clyde. As a child, Clyde would come play here often. Located near Gold Hill, NC. Berry, Chuck negative. Photo of Scrapper Blackwell sitting with legs crossed, playing guitar, courtesy Frank Driggs for.

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    Les Petits Chanteurs de Versailles (The Child Singers of Versailles), Annie Beaumont (soloist), Pierre Béguigné (Choir director), Jacques Metehen (Orchestra director) Alfons Bauer (his Zither and Orchestra), Otto Storr and the Comedian Quartet, Fred Rauch, Die Grassauer Baum, "Die Singenden Wanderer", Walter Schacht's Blasorchester 1.
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    Shop and Buy A Christmas Opener sheet music. SATB Chorus sheet music book by: Jackman Music Corporation at Sheet Music Plus: The World Largest Selection of Sheet Music. (JK).
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    John Alldis, Lee Holdridge, Dave Williamson, Dick Bolks, Tom Fettke, London Philharmonic Choir, The Amen Choir, The National Philharmonic Orchestra, The Sparrow Orchestra and Choir - Sweet Hour of Prayer - 35 Best Loved Hymns - rockandroll.dalalsanuanaracordalanim.infoinfo Music.
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    Check out Vintage Dance Orchestras No. - EP: Buona Sera by Svend Asmussen And His Orchestra on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on rockandroll.dalalsanuanaracordalanim.infoinfo
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    ~ Release by Mahler; Kerstin Meyer, Ladies of the Hallé Choir, Boys of Manchester Grammar School, Hallé Orchestra, Sir John Barbirolli (see all versions of this release, 1 available) Overview Disc IDs.
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    Dec 23,  · Susan Bullock, Hans Sotin, Julia Varady, Jane Eaglen, Gustav Mahler, Klaus Tennstedt, London Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus, London Symphony Chorus, Eton College Boy's Choir - Mahler: Symphony No. 8 - rockandroll.dalalsanuanaracordalanim.infoinfo Music/5(12).
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    tracks in playlist, average track length: Playlist length: hours 36 minutes 40 seconds Right-click here to save this HTML file.
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    Teitur · Sine Bundgaard · Andrea Pellegrini · Peter Lodahl · Halvor F. Melien Danish National Concert Choir · Danish National Girls Choir Danish National Symphony Orchestra · Henrik Vagn Christensen. Dacapo is supported by the Danish Arts Council Committee for Music CD 1.
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    Shop and Buy Hambo I 5/4-takt - Partitur sheet music. SATB choir divisi, violin, piano, bass sheet music book by Svend Asmussen: Gehrmans Musikforlag at Sheet Music Plus: The World Largest Selection of Sheet Music. (rockandroll.dalalsanuanaracordalanim.infoinfo).
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    Biographical Note. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Sheldon Harris was raised and educated in New York City. His interest in jazz and blues began as a record collector in the s.

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