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The Turn Of A Single Screw - I Can Put My Arm Back On You Cant - Je Peux Reattacher Mon Bras Toi No

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. I could see little hickeys all over her breasts and neck and the smell of sex was overpowering. After getting out of the shower and dressing I went into the bedroom to give her a goodbye kiss.

Brian had moved into a spooning position while I was in the shower and had his hand cupping her breast, with his thumb and finger on one nipple. All I could do was stare and smile. Feeling bolder she reached out and squeezed my cock as it was now swollen in my pants. I could see Brian smile up at me form behind her, under the covers I could see movement and knew he was also playing with her pussy as we spoke. Her breath quickened and she got flushed and in a very shaky voice told me to hurry up or I would be late for work.

I leaned over to kiss her and she moaned into my mouth as Brian slid his cock into her from behind. I said goodbye and told her I would be quiet so as not to awaken Brian. For two years I have been married to the sexiest little tart any man's had the privilege to lay his eyes on. What a curse it has been! A curse you ask? Please allow me to explain As I said before, my wife Brenda, is a knockout!

She is 28, 5'4", with an almost perfectly proportioned body- firm, curvaceous, plump ass; smooth, flat tummy and a firm set of B-cup tits that are perky with large protruding, slightly upturned nipples. To make matters worse, she constantly goes on excursions with her single girlfriends. Brenda is very friendly and can be considered to be flirtatious. Her girlfriends , on the other hand, are mostly exhibitionists, in public they always wears very short mini-skirts or micro-shorts, along with a very sheer halter or cutoff T-shirt.

God how they love to cock-tease!! Bridgit is the same height as my wife but has the most exquisite pair of natural 40DD breasts possessed by a woman 5 4 and lbs. Her other friend Pam at 5 9 , lbs. Pam is muscular woman, very athletic, with a voluptuous figure, a beautiful face and smile, as well as being smart, classy and rich. As I approached them by the pool, I overheard them telling Brenda about their previous days exploits.

Apparently they had double-teamed some lucky bastard and were filling in my wife on the juicy details. By the timeIchanged into pool attire and joined them poolside, Pam and Bridigit were telling Brenda how one night with Evan would change her for life and teased that she should have been there for their wild episode.

Pam made a point of telling my wife that Evan had more than enough cock to go around to the three of them. Immediately I felt that my virility had been challenged, as any other man would when surrounded by three gorgeous and scantily clad women who were creaming over some other man.

In reply Brenda told them it sounded as if they had an exquiste time and that it sounded as if Evan were a man she would like to give a tumble, if the circumstances were different. I was stunned, as I sat there wide eyed Pam told my wife that if she tried Evan just once, she would never be satisfied with ME again. Of course I immediately extolling my own virtues, my slim muscular body, piercing eyes, my talented and incessant tongue, my indefatigable sex drive and my sizable 6.

I was incensed, I told them I could beat this Evan in any contest they could devise, as long as a night of sexual abandon with the Brenda, Bridgit and Pam was the prize. As soon as they left, Brenda was berating me for embarrassing her in front of her friends and told me I should have kept my mouth shut and minded my own business because I had no idea of who Evan was or what he was capable of doing. I told her I didn t care who he was, for a night with three beautiful women I would twist his balls off.

A few days later Pam stopped by the house and told us that Evan had agreed to a no holds barred cockfight , and asked me when I would be ready to fight Evan. Brenda begged me not to fight and told me to apologize to him, via Pam for challenging him, Brenda said her reason was that she didn t want Evan to hurt me. I decided to fight Evan on Friday, the next evening at a location, his choosing. It was determined that we would fight in an isolated Pennsylvania house , in the finished basement, that Pam s parents owned.

The winner would receive a weekend of sexual adventures with all three ladies and the loser would act as man-servant to the four of them. During the entire trip Brenda tried to convince me to forfeit the match, saying I wasn t ready for what would happen to me. I ignored her plea s, but they did strengthen my resolve to emasculate and humiliate my rival , the man standing between me and sexual bliss with three ravishing women. We arrived at the house at PM. Pam, Bridgit and Evan were already there.

Brenda surveyed Evan for the first time. Apparently Evan felt aroused as he looked at her because there was a sizable bulge rising in his pants. Deliberately Brenda turned her back to him and bent over to place her coat and handbag neatly on a ottoman, knowing the short skirt would rise above her stocking tops at the back.

Turning around Brenda smirked as she saw the tell-tale bulge in his trousers. Let me show you what a real man can do for you" he said boastfully. Slowly she walked towards him, hips swaying provocatively, her eyes never leaving his face.

As I started to jump on top of him Pam. Bridgit went over to Evan, and helped him up. They both chastised me for taking a cheap shot at Evan. The match started in the main room of the finished basement at 10 PM. Several rubber mats had been placed on the floor and three of the walls , making a type of ring area at one corner of the large room.

Brenda helped me prepare for this nude battle in a small utility room in the basement. She fondled my cock and balls, getting me hard an excited, then placed a leather cock ring and ball stretcher on me. The skin of my scrotum was stretched tautly around my testicles, making it appear as if they would pop through the skin at the slightest provocation. Brenda fondled me and rubbed scented oil into my body. She asked me to reconsider and to concede defeat, in order to save myself from severe punishment.

Then Brenda related some disturbing news, Evan had been in a few cockfights before and had yet to lose. Undaunted, I refused to concede and put on the terry cloth robe I had brought with me. I still felt confident and proud as Brenda led me into the basement rec. After all Evan and I were close in height and I had the weight advantage. Being six years older the twenty-four year old could prove to be an advantage, I had more street fighting experience than my opponent which should prove useful in our bout.

Brenda led me to the center of the room where Pam and Bridgit were standing with Evan, who also was wearing a robe. Pam said she would act as the mistress of ceremonies and told Brenda and Bridgit to make themselves comfortable. With that both women removed what little clothing they were wearing. The sight of these three gorgeous naked women made my cock just slightly harder and longer. I couldn t wait to feel Bridgit s large firm breasts against my chest or to bury my throbbing cock in Pam s hot pussy.

And did they get you to trade Your heros for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? And did you exchange A walk on part in the war For a lead role in a cage? How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, Running over the same old ground.

What have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here. Call me a Pontiac A ryth-a-ma-mig Call me a Cadillac Call me a wreak I'm not afraid I'm not ascared I'm not gonna loose it I'm not a feared To do the fearless boogie Smokin fearless boogie Till its gone Call me a lemon Call me a fool Call me a winner Call me a mule To do the fearless boogie To do the fearless boogie Smokin fesarless boogie Till its gone, gone till the fear is gone Now I'm going to throw my 2 cents into the pot and stir up some mud here but if you want "trippy" then you need to check out The Grateful Dead.

These boys were most definitely "chemically inspired" Unfortunately I don't have access to any of my files with their lyrics, a friend has "borrowed" them.

Once I have them I'll post an example. Originally posted by Violator79 I agree that Nirvana got overexposed, but let's face it, Kurt Cobain was a pathetic excuse for a human being. Pretty harsh, don't you think? Do you actually own any music by Nirvana? I wasn't too worried about them a few years ago, but I've always admired them. Now I own 3 of their CDs. Kurt didn't try and write tarty fancy songs - He wrote songs about how he felt.

I like the simplicity of most Nirvana songs - There's always a melody there, and if there isn't Scentless Apprentice and Milk It to name a couple , there's always something else about the song that gives it class. I'm no hardcore Nirvana fan. I just don't think you've grasped their music. I agree with Tachi here. I wasn't a hardcore Nirvana fan but i've got 3 of their CD's and i think Nevermind is an all time great album.

Who says music has to be all happy and uplifting, some of the greatest songs ever written have been downright depressing. One of the greatest bands of the 80's at least in the UK - The Smiths - wrote the most depressing songs ever. Take this lyric. I may not agree with what you think about Nirvana, but I respect it and I'm not holding it against you. I just don't feel Kurt Cobain did anything for music except ruin it, and hopefully for not forever.

Look at the 60's music. I'm 24, but I love it. The songs say something and they blow your mind. Take my 2nd fav song Sound of Silence. That's a song for the ages. Of one the most powerful songs ever made. You can hear what he says and understand it.

You had all the music through the 90's. The 70's were more dancing and jive soul music, but I can take it. Making you feel alive and bringing the joy of music out. Then came Nirvana.

They screamed, didn't understand what they said, and took the joy of music away. Now there are some songs I can deal with these days, but for the most part, thanks to Nirvana and it's spinoffs, music is shit. I will always believe that and will always say the best music ever made was from 's- 's. As I said before, Nirvana made music depressing and sad, not happy as it was or mind blowing in the 60's.

All you have is music about complication, anger, drugs, suicide and violence. Nice messages there right? My brother loves today's music and I still don't know what he sees in it. But that's him. Me, when I have kids, I'll be damned if they'll listen to the shit on the radio. But hopefully by then music will be different and so will the messages it brings to the table. I'm sorry for feeling like this, but I do. Music is a big part of my life and it's something I hold on to very closely.

Originally posted by georges great songs guys, i want to thank you all for that:hatsoff::thumbsup: have a beer on me:glugglug::beer: does anyone know here "nine below zero" and "the straycats"? Good call man!! Originally posted by Violator79 I may not agree with what you think about Nirvana, but I respect it and I'm not holding it against you.

Your view on music over the decades is laughable! As much as I'd like to, I really can't agree with anything you just said. So much to type, so little time Alright ladies and germs, i see the whole Nirvana issue has received some attention.

First i would like to say the obvious, i really enjoyed Nirvana. I know there are many people out there who did, as well as many who didn't. As for what you say about Kurt Cobain not doing anything for music, you're right, partially. As i have stated before, Nirvana was not just made up of Kurt Cobain alone. It angers me when he gets all the credit, while Nirvana would have been nothing without Dave Grohl and Chris Novaselic also.

However, Nirvana did change the music scene, as well as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Radiohead best band ever, imo. Now don't get me wrong, i loved the 80's era, hell, i grew up on all the new wave and other genres of the 80's.

It is truly one of my favorite era's. I also love the 50's, 60's, and 70's eras as you do Violator. However, as most eras do, its welcome was overdue, and the whole spandex, big hair power rock bands got old quick. What bands like Nirvana, and the ones i mentioned above did was say, hey, we're tired of all this glamour shit, it isn't real. What is real, is that life is not all fun and games, life can be a fuckin burden for those who have problems in life. Nirvana spoke to a new generation of people who felt lost, confused, and unaware of what their role in society was, if they had one.

Now, i know many say that all Nirvana did was wine about their problems, but i believe that it was true artistic expression, of anger, angst, disgust, and rebellion, just like the spirit of the 60's and 70's.

Now, you say Nirvana ruined the music scene for today. I disagree and say that crappy bands and singers like Nsync, Backstreet boys, Britney, and all this poppy bullshit nonsense that is only concerned with image is what has ruined music. These days there are still good bands. You just have to look harder for them because all of the crap.

We may disagree, but i do respect your opinions, and the opinions of all the people on here. Sutty you rock, it is good to hear somebody on here finally mention the Smiths, they were amazing. Joy Division was also groundbreaking in the 80's. Unfortunately their lead singer hanged himself and they regruouped as New Order, which also did some cool stuff for music.

This just goes to show though, if you have heard their music, that the music of the 80's was not all happy. There were the seeds of rebellion and angst in their lyrics way before Nirvana.

That's what made them stand out in the 80's scene of materialism and greed. I still do love the new wave movement of the 80's though. The Sound of Silence is an amazing, heartfelt song with a great message. As you have seen, i love it so much i have posted lyrics a few days back. Well we have an agreement that we respect each other's opinions and that's all I ask. For the most part we have the same taste in music looking at all the songs we're putting up.

A lot of songs there! I want you to trip like I do trip like I do oh my god this is the best.. I want you to like I do can't you can't you trip like I do can't you can't you trip like I do laid out on my back, I can't sleep cause I'm swimming eyes in my teeth I can't see cause I'm eating head full of noise I can't think cause it's crushing back on my feet like a freight train I'm coming can everybody feel like I do can everybody feel like I do oh my god this is..

Originally posted by WC-Madman Jefferson Airplane-White Rabbit one of the trippiest songs i have ever heard, about Alice in Wonderland One pill makes you larger Arid one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you Don't so anything at all Go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall And if you go chasing rabbits And you know you're going to fall Tell 'em a hookah-smokin' Caterpillar have given you the call To call Alice when she was just small When the men on the chessboard Get up and tell you where to go And you just had some kind of Mushroom and you mind is moving Slow-go ask Alice I think She'll know when logic and Proportion had fallen sloppy dead And the white knight is talking Backwards-the red queens off with her head Remember what the door mouse said: Feed your head.

That is a trippy song, but the music is great!! I also watch a game trailer with that song in it and it makes the video look sweet. If you want the game trailer, it's Red Faction 2. Go to the site and get the trailer. It's a streaming video. Originally posted by WC-Madman Alright ladies and germs, i see the whole Nirvana issue has received some attention. You saw Rock Profiles too!! I totally agree with what you said - I also own CDs which cover pretty much every genre of music, except UK Garage which I think is just utter shite No offence.

US Garage is alright though I'm also in a band. I shall share some music with you all at some point! No way!!! His stuff is fookin' marvellous! It has a good thumpy house style, but with a dark bass line.

I'm not sure about the current scene though really, as I've grown away from 'Dance' music. As far as my band's concerned, the stuff I write is kinda electronic, but not Think along the same lines as Simian except with distortion and you won't be far off :.

Xpander is my alltime fave dance record if you wanna swap email addy's msn or yahoo A smiths song for WC-Madman The Headmaster's Ritual Belligerent ghouls Run Manchester schools Spineless swines Cemented minds Sir leads the troops Jealous of youth Same old suit since He does the military two-step Down the nape of my neck I wanna go home I don't wanna stay Give up education As a bad mistake Mid-week on the playing fields Sir thwacks you on the knees Knees you in the groin Elbow in the face Bruises bigger than dinner plates I wanna go home I don't wanna stay Belligerent ghouls Run Manchester schools Spineless bastards all Sir leads the troops Jealous of youth Same old jokes since He does the military two-step Down the nape of my neck I wanna go home I don't want to stay Give up life As a bad mistake Please excuse me from gym I've got this terrible cold coming on He grabs and devours He kicks me in the showers Kicks me in the showers And he grabs and devours I want to go home I don't want to stay Great song Sutty, thanx!!

Morrissey's solo career wasn't half bad either. Any of you folks like any jazz music? If not familiar with them already, i definitely recommend any of these artists. This here is my absolute favorite song Here is a page from the emptiest stage, a cage of the heaviest cross ever made a gauge of the deadliest trap ever laid And I thank you for bringing me here, for showing me home, for singing these tears finally I've found that I belong here The heat and the sickliest sweat smelling sheets, that cling to the back of my nee's and my feet, I'm drowning in time to a desperate beat And I thank you for bringing me here, for showing me home for singing these tears, finally I have found that I belong, feels like home I should have known from my first breath God send the only true friend I call mine, pretend that I make amends, the next time befriend the glorious end of the line And I thank you for bringing me here , for showing me home for singing these tears, finally I've found that I belong here," Depeche Mode".

J'attendrai avec tout l'amour qu'il te faut J'attendrai, tu peux toujours compter sur moi Avec qui, ventrebleu! Si le public en veut, je les sors dare-dare, S'il n'en veut pas je les remets dans ma guitare.

Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I been around for a long,long year Stole many a mans' soul and faith I was around when Jesus Christ had His moment of doubt and pain Made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed His fate Pleased to meet you,hope you guess my name But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game Stuck around St. Petersburg when I saw it was a time for a change Killed the Tzar and his ministers,Anastasia screamed in vain I rode a tank held a gen'rals rank when the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank Pleased to meet you,hope you guess my name-oh yeah Ah what's puzzling you is the nature of my game-oh yeah I watched with glee while your kings and queens fought for ten decades for the gods they made I shouted out "Who killed the Kennedys?

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Life Heart Time Courage. I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail. Muriel Strode. Wisdom Path Go Will Follow. If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill. Motivational You Keep Going Hell. Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living? Bob Marley.

Life Eyes You Look.

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